Our Story

In 2006 Mary-Moore opened her shop 'The Claw Foot Tub' as a way to source the home products she wanted for her clients without running all over creation to do it. She sold ethically sourced housewares- local, handmade, vintage, and fair trade.  Then Mary-Moore met Dean- an artist and photographer- who had been dreaming of a 'man shop'- a place to sell vintage typewriters and taxidermy, gorgeous watches, handmade leather goods, and the very best shaving products- all geared towards men.  He imagined that his shop would be called 'C L A W' and be next door to 'the Tub'- a perfect compliment in style and substance.   


And now- together-  we find new and vintage products for the home- products that fulfill our mission of being sustainable, ethically sourced, and of the very best quality and style.  We believe that everyday objects should be a feast for the soul- that there is no separation between the material and the spiritual.  

We are happy to have you along on our crazy adventure of blending our families, blending our visions of home- and making a living selling stuff at the same time.